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Steve Morgan talks with Terry Pettit about building an exceptional high school volleyball program in western Nebraska – ITCM 010

UNL Coach John Cook congratulates Ogallala’s Steve Morgan on his successful career. Photo from Lincoln Star-Journal.

Steve Morgan coached at Ogallala High School for 45 years. During his tenure the Indians won 984 matches, three state championships and were runners-up four times. Morgan talks about becoming a high school coach after serving two years in the military where he was introduced to the game. He coached both of his daughters and his youngest, Lyndsay was his assistant for seven years. No high school volleyball coach has impacted the culture of great volleyball in rural Nebraska as much as Steve Morgan.

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  1. Angie Millikin Goodgame Angie Millikin Goodgame

    Ok. I’ve just finished crying for 10 minutes! The words you both spoke about me touched me a great deal, and from a very deep place inside. The place I hold the highest regard for both of you. The two of you molded me in many ways, and I’m eternally grateful. Coach Morgan motivated me to take my whirling dervish type energy and focus it on a sport that I absolutely fell in love with. And one that I worked very hard to understand and perfect. Coach Petitt took the raw ability in me and refined it into touches that helped our team compete at the highest of levels. It was Pettit’s mind for strategy and preparation that I couldn’t get enough of. His influence helped me go one to teach 100s of Sales associates over the years how to be maniacally strategic and to always search for win/win solutions. I love you both very much. Thank you for your well wishes associated with my health. I have a disease that they call the “Suicide disease”. But over the last 7 years, I’ve made terrific strides! And I’m going to beat it! I’m still just ornery to win!

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