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Speaking, Teaching and Team Building

Terry Pettit - click for full size imageThe following presentations and consultations are just some of the areas that Terry can present to your management team or organization.

He can also develop a presentation that is designed specifically to address the challenges of your team.

If you wish to discuss bringing Terry Pettit to your organization, please use our contact page.



Patterns In Extraordinary Leadership, Team Building and Coaching

In his role as mentor coach to athletic directors and coaches throughout the country, Terry has identified the patterns that separate exceptional coaching and leadership. He presents these characteristics with illustrations from the competitive arena that have great application for both sport and business.

Terry Pettit loves to study and watch competition. He can watch any sport (or business) even if it’s something that he’s never played or knows little about, and see immediately where the coaching mistakes are being made, and why the winners prevail and losers don’t. I don’t know of anyone with more insight into coaching, leadership and team building.

– John Cook, two-time NCAA Championship Volleyball Coach at the University of Nebraska.

Team Building and the Movies

Scenes from “Patton,” “Dead Poet’s Society,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “Mr. Holland’s Opus” and “Hoosiers” are used to illustrate the different paths that are available to a leader in moving a group toward becoming an effective team.

As Terry Pettit noted from the scariest scene in the Wizard of Oz:

“The question is not whether or not the monkeys will come. The monkeys always come. The question is whether or not your team committed to behaviors that give them the best chance to be successful.”

Talent and The Secret Life of Teams

Terry leads an interactive presentation on the concepts of collaborative leadership, creative problem solving, and leading with both sides of the brain, that are the major themes in his recently released, “Talent and the Secret Life of Teams.”

“Terry Pettit has proven he can teach others to develop into consistent winners. He possesses tremendous insight into the areas of team building, leadership and peak performance. I highly reccomend Terry’s programs for anyone who is looking to gain a mental edge.”

-Jeff Janssen, author of “Championship Team Building” and “The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches.”

Keynote, Motivational and Banquet Presentations

Terry as been a featured keynote and motivational speaker for many national corporations and conventions as well as athletic and business recognitions banquets. His presentations are always timely, entertaining and thought provoking.

He has presented to national and regional management teams from Wells Fargo, US Bank, Mercedes Benz, The Cheesecake Factory, Ritz Carlton, The National Softball Coaches Association, The National Collegiate Golf Coaches Association, The American Volleyball Coaches Association, Union Bank, Brown Trucking, Talent Plus, and the Missouri Valley Basketball Coaches and Athletic Administrators.

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