Talent and The Secret Life of Teams (PDF)


A collection of writings on coaching, leadership, and team-building by one of the most successful coaches in NCAA history.

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Terry Pettit led Nebraska Volleyball to twenty-one conference championships and an NCAA National Championship in 1995, while developing more All-Americans and Academic All-Americans than any other coach in the country. He continues to mentor coaches and leaders throughout the nation and has direct The Summit for Extraordinary Coaching in Vail, Colorado each June. In Terry Pettit’s world you are as likely to come into contact with a reference to Sun Tzu or Calvin and Hobbes as you are with John Wooden and Coach K.

“Terry Pettit is not only an excellent coach, he is also an excellent writer. His background teaching English and reflective nature enable him to impart a great deal of wisdom to those who are interested in extraordinary coaching.”
–  Tom Osborne, University of Nebraska Director of Athletics and four time NCAA Championship Football Coach

“Terry Pettit loves to study and watch competition. He can watch any sport, even if it’s a sport he’s never played or knows little about, and see immediately where the coaching mistakes are being made, and why the winners prevail and losers don’t. I don’t know of anyone with more insight into coaching and team building.”
–  John Cook, Two Time NCAA Championship Volleyball Coach at the University of Nebraska

“Terry Pettit speaks from a deep heart. He has a way of inspiring performance by having readers confront an old truth in a new and enlightening manner. Wisdom, inspiration, challenge . . that is how my life is changed each time I hear Terry Pettit. He is the best.”
–  Dr. David Cook, performance coach to NBA championship teams, PGA and LPGA champions, and the author of Golf’s Sacred Journey

“When Melville met Hawthorne he talked about the shock of recognition he felt when he came into contact with a unique and extraordinary talent. That is how I feel when I read and listen to Terry Pettit.”
–  Anson Dorrance, 19 time NCAA Championship Head Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of North Carolina

“Talent And the Secret Life of Teams is a must-read for coaches of any sport, at any level. Just as his teams forced opposing coaches and teams out of their comfort zones, Terry’s words will do the same. Read this book and you will want to re-examine the most important aspect of one’s own coaching: the ability to lead.”
–  Mary Wise, Head Volleyball Coach at the University of Florida, while leading the Gators to seven NCAA Final Fours


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