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Ronnie Green on Leadership During the Pandemic and more – ITCM-012

Terry Pettit and Ronnie D. GreenRonnie D. Green became the Chancellor of the University of Nebraska on May 16, 2016. In the six years prior to that he served as the Harlan Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. In today’s podcast he describes his leadership philosophy as servant leadership that evolved before “it was cool to do so.” We talk about Black Lives Matter, the challenges of students returning to campus during Coronavirus and the role of Nebraska football to the state of Nebraska’s identity.


Chancellor Ronnie D. Green


  1. Jc Jc

    Great podcast. Ending was epic.

  2. Randy Lukasiewicz Randy Lukasiewicz

    This interview with Chancellor Green is excellent. This dialogue and conversation brings together the cream of the crop in their respective fields . How fortunate and significant it is in the fact that they can be identified as “Nebraska’s own.”
    Hmmmm , and what an ending revealing the hidden talent of our Chancellor as it made me laugh and get goosebumps!

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