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John Cook on Coaching Through a Pandemic – ITCM 013

John Cook and Terry Pettit Talk About Coaching During a Pandemic
John Cook and Terry Pettit Talk About Coaching During a Pandemic in the first episode of our new season.

In Season II, episode 1, Nebraska Head Volleyball Coach John Cook talks with Terry Pettit about coaching during COVID in the coming season.

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  1. Michael Hawke Michael Hawke

    With all due respect (and Mr. Cook is due a lot of respect) a lot of D1 coaches make a tidy sum and I find it disheartening that once they’ve found their monetary value within the college system, they are fundamentally against the athletes finding their own monetary value. The college coaching profession has fought long and hard for their gains since the days of coaching for free and these athletes are just beginning their fight. I would think long-time coaches would see the parallels with their own struggles for recognition and valuation. And to compare this to a ‘caste’ system is categorically wrong. Castes are undeserved benefits based on nothing but the luck of the draw through inherited lineage. Athletes who have worked their butts off since they were little kids, many of whom BEAT the disadvantages of our own cultural ‘caste’ system deserve what they’re getting. If it makes a coach’s life more difficult then so be it. You can always ask for a raise for your troubles 😉

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