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Dave Shondell on Dr. Don, Volleyball’s First Family, and the Purdue Boilermakers – ITCM-027

Dave Shondell is beginning his 19th season as the head coach of Purdue’s women’s volleyball team. His father, Dr. Don Shondell played a significant role in developing coaches and promoting the sport while building and coaching the men’s volleyball team at Ball State University. All three son’s played for their father at Ball State, and all three have continued their father’s legacy. Dave talks about an upcoming Celebration of Life for Dr. Don on March 19, and the attention to detail that he learned from his father. He also gives us insight into laying the foundation for a National Championship contender at Purdue and what Annie Drew’s Olympic success has meant for his program.
Once again, a big thank you to Lee Feinswog and for their help in promoting this episode of Inside The Coaching Mind.

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