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A Conversation with Three Setters – ITCM-015

Clockwise…Terry Pettit, Lori Endicott, Christy Johnson and Kelly Hunter.

Lori Endicott, Christy Johnson, and Kelly Hunter are extraordinary women who played the setter position for Nebraska Volleyball. Christy and Kelly led the Huskers to National Championships and Lori was named “The Best Setter in the World” in the Barcelona Olympics. In today’s podcast Terry talks with the three of them about leadership in the setter position, and what to look for when recruiting someone to be your next setter.


  1. Roger Cox Roger Cox

    I listened to your podcast. Once again, I am impressed by the complexity (on so many levels) of the game. The three women you interviewed had thought deeply about the game and their role on the team. They were so well spoken, so learned about volleyball yet so open to growing their craft and helping others do the same. Once again the emphasis and importance of the mental side of the game prodded me to reflect on my days on the court and whether or not I devoted as much time to the intricacies the nuances of the game as I could hsve. But, I was where I was at the time doing my best and loved the experience. The depth of these women’s experiences in and love of volleyball is a tribute to you and the rest of their coaches. The podcast was excellent and had so many connections to the totality of our life experience.

    • Terry Pettit Terry Pettit

      You are right Roger. They are remarkable in their understanding of why they succeeded.

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