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UNL Volleyball’s John Cook on How He Has Evolved in Coaching – ITCM-001

John Cook, head women’s volleyball coach, at the University of Nebraska shares what motivated him to set a goal of working towards a program that would pay for itself. John talks about how his vision of what being a coach is, and how that has evolved during his career as a high school coach through his success of winning four national championships at Nebraska. John also talks about the most important thing that an athletic director can provide, emotional support. Buckle up!

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  1. Marilyn Mcreavy Nolen Marilyn Mcreavy Nolen

    Good to see you all leading as usual !!

  2. Angie Millikin Goodgame Angie Millikin Goodgame

    Great conversation, you two! You’ve both watched us grow up, but you may not realize that we’ve watched you grow as well. Two of the greatest men that I know. ❤️🌽🏐

  3. Terry Pettit Terry Pettit

    Angie, I think I’ve become aware overtime, that the players I’ve had the opportunity to coach didn’t play for the same coach . . .maybe the same personality . . . but hopefully someone who evolved . . . I’ve been lucky that players are resilient and can live with a coach’s mistakes as long as they feel their coach cares about them and what he is doing. What is equally fun is to see how much former players continue to grow after college. I’m lucky in that many still stay in touch.

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