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There are Trillions of Galaxies

Each one with more stars than grains of sand on Half Moon Bay. Every star is a sun with a covey of planets. Every second new stars rise from the gases of collapsing stars.

There are stars that are billions of years old; there are stars that existed long before the earth was born. It would be foolish to believe that there are not planets with trees that grow taller than redwoods, reptiles older than crocodiles, fish that can choose to swim or fly.

Perhaps this is imagination. Perhaps one of us has imagined a universe outfitted with friends, enemies, tigers, toads, and disease; someone has dreamed of famine, chocolate, anticipation and desire; someone has created wiffle balls and cannon.

The Greeks, or perhaps you, gave our galaxy the most beautiful name, the Milky Way. There is a chance this life we are living is actually in the past or the future. You may be reading something you have already written. Your name may live on the walls of an ancient cave.

–Terry Pettit


  1. deborah rubaloff, dvm deborah rubaloff, dvm

    a little scary to see one’s thoughts written by another’s hand…

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