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Nebraska Stories in One or Two Sentences.

1.  The best and biggest milkshake in the state of Nebraska is at the Potter Sundry in Potter, Nebraska. Chocolate, please.

2.  Two Nebraska volleyball players and I once ran an all-day volleyball clinic at Sandhills      High School in Dunning, Nebraska for five high school players.

3.  Mountain lions were in Nebraska long before the Game and Parks Commission acknowledged their return.

4.  I’ve only received two speeding tickets in my life. Both of them were on Highway 183 between Ansley and Bassett on my way to go fishing on Long Pine Creek.

5. The first time I saw a pelican outside the state of Florida was between Broken Bow and Arnold on my way to a clinic in North Platte.

6.  I once rode in the cab of a steam locomotive from Cheyenne to North Platte. It was like being strapped to the back of a T-Rex.

7.  On vacation at Fort Robinson in the late 70s there was a baby hippopotamus in an abandoned swimming pool. I didn’t ask.

8.  On my first road trip in Nebraska, I was traveling west on I-80 when I came upon a pickup in the passing lane when the driver rolled down his window and shot a coyote in the median.

9.   I have tried to fish every stream or canal that was rumored to hold trout in Nebraska. My favorite place is a deep hole on Pine Creek that takes a fifth of whisky and a dozen eggs to get to.

10. A few weeks after Coach Osborne had his heart attack, he asked me if I would fly with him in a small plane to Ainsworth where we would spend the morning fishing on Pine Creek. He went north on the creek, and I went south, and three hours later we met back where we started, both of us thinking we had a wonderful day.

11. In my second year at Nebraska, we had an open weekend and I went camping and fishing with two high school coaches just below Snake River falls. Soon after that, a private fishing club took over the river and I have never been back.

  1. I’ve played over a hundred golf courses in Nebraska, many of them in the morning before making a home visit to a recruit. I love local nine-hole courses and once watched a roundup pass between my ball and the green.

13. My first few years at the University of Nebraska we played regular-season matches in Beatrice, York, North Platte, and Ogallala. I wanted people to understand that this was not just Lincoln’s team it was Nebraska’s team.

  1. One night I snuck into a gym to watch a high school recruit at a match in Columbus because I didn’t want to distract from the match. I sat in the balcony behind some weight-lifting apparatus sure that I was out of sight.  But after the first set, a young man came up and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed on the local radio station covering the game.



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